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who we are

About Our Company

Since 2018, we provide best service for our valuable clients.

We are a Financial Planning firm that guides and advice all stages of your financial journey, starting from Emergency Funds to Retirement Plans. We also give proposals and suggestions for all your financial goals. We understand that each individual is different and his/ her goal and journey are different. So, we at MAP PRO provide guidance that is specific to the individual and not a generalised one. And the firm has a vision of making people’s Financial Journey safe and secure.

We believe in a ‘Need-based Approach rather than a Product based. Hire us!! We will take care of all of your financial and accountant pushbacks, giving you positive solutions to ease it successfully.

What we do?

Being the best financial consulting company, we give more importance to 3 steps which include: - Efficient Financial Operations, Effective Decision Support & Financial Strategy, and Transformation.

Our mission

Grow your financial stability and financial inflow of your company with MAP PRO! Making your business into a big empire is our mission through offering effective financial and accountability solutions.

Our goal

We believe to give a safe platform to our clients; so that they won’t get their minds put more on financial and accountant instability, when they step into our family - We are there to tackle all these above issues with our innovative & mind mapping strategical plan to re back your business world again.

Our Team

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Anil Sankar V

Co-Founder Head Startups, IFRS & VCFO

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Manga Reddy M

Co-Founder Head Project reports , GST and compliance

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Prasad M S S

Co-Founder Head M&A Services and Global delivery

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Head of Company Secretary