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Accounting/Outsourcing Services

Book-keeping for CPAs/SMEs

We offer customized bookkeeping services on all financial and accounting details like managing their management, accounting, and tax preparation needs. Our wide online coverage of bookkeeping services is tailored to all our client’s needs and requirements. From our bookkeeping services, our clients can manage all their business accountability starting from cost management to accounting management, just our service can act as a customer’s virtual back office supporting all your business needs.

Our end-to-end services include:

Record to Report Inventory accounting
Procure to Pay Fixed asset accounting
Accounts Receivable Cash Flow Statement
Treasury and Bank account reconciliation Reporting Services
Payroll Audit Support
Manual Journal Entry Services General Ledger Accounting

Accounting tools that we work with

  • SAP
  • ZOHO

Real Estate/Lease Accounting

The real estate market is always in a state of fluctuation, sometimes it becomes risky as well. To avoid any push packs or challenges in their future real estate market any real estate business holders can hire MAP PRO because there are frequent changes in local/municipal regulations based on real estate markets that you may not be aware of! Apart there are changes in tax codes or shifts. By hiring us you can be on the safe side of keeping your business money flowing and can avoid any blocking of your future productivity. Our technical real estate team will guide you on comprised of seasoned tax and can give you a better boost to your company growth.

Consultation with clients and legal counsel in structuring 1031 transactions

  • Internal control reviews and best practices
  • Assistance with forming capitalization policies under the repair regulations
  • Forensic accounting and suspected fraud investigations
  • Governance, risk management, and compliance
  • Consideration of cost segregation studies to maximize tax benefits of owning real estate
  • IRC Section 199 analysis for real estate developers to gain additional tax deductions

Procure to Pay (P2P/AP)

Our Procure-to-Pay process starts with the needs for plants or offices or is also facilitated by Purchase Orders being approved and delivered to Suppliers. Once the purchase gets approved then MAP PRO validates receipt and upon receipt of a valid invoice, initiates a timely payment.


When anyone builds a new empire suppose a company or a new start-up company, a financial statement is a must because it is a reflection of financial results for all related entities like company assets, turnover, profit, stock available, etc. When a company has another parent company that also needs to keep the financial statement in beside. So it needs to create a subsidiary report to maintain its separate accounting records independently.

Hiring MAP PRO can give countless benefits of keeping your Consolidation financial statement both for your own company and for your parent company at ease. Because we believe to offer a one-size-fits-all package for our clients when it comes to giving proper and accurate Consolidation financial statements. We comply with US GAAP/ IFRS/ Indian GAAP/IND-AS.

Reconciliation Services

we offer a reconciliation service for retail and E-Commerce clients. Our service can entitle huge data in a very short period. Our professional account reconciliation services are broadly divided into:-

  • Vendor Reconciliations
  • Customer reconciliations
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Reconciliation with Payment gateway
  • Inventory reconciliation

FS Preparation

A company starts growing when they have the right financial statement, from there only it can assess its growth and fall. If your company needs the right financial statement to grow your business successfully then here, we are, our expert will help you to give end-to-end financial statement solutions that can ease your issues. We offer financial solutions for a simple business loan application to a complex financial report before a sale or merger, which we can put together to give your company’s financial performance better cash flows quickly and effectively.

Audit Support

We provide efficient and proactive audit support which helps to boost your business workflow and company productivity. We work exclusively with the Big4 audit firms and large to mid-sized audit firms and that experience has gained us a lot to fulfill all audit requirements as per our client’s needs.