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Advisory In Investment Division

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Advisory in Investment division

  • Provident fund, NSC, KVP and tax saving deposits are low-risk, low-return financial investments. In these instruments, interests are compounded.
  • Iinvestors can also undertake  to diversify their financial and investment portfolios. At times of downswing of the business cycle, these instruments accounts can provide stable returns on investment annually.

Real estate :-

  • Invest in REIT’s (real estate investment trusts) -REITs allow you to invest in real estate without the physical real estate. Often compared to mutual funds, they're companies that own commercial real estate such as office buildings, retail spaces, apartments and hotels. REITs tend to pay high dividends, which makes them a common investment in retirement.
  • Investing in real estate properties for rental income and capital gain.
  • Use an Real estate investing platforms- Real estate investment platforms connect real estate developers to investors who want to finance projects, either through debt or equity. Investors hope to receive monthly or quarterly distributions in exchange for taking on a significant amount of risk and paying a fee to the platform.

Stock Market :-

  • Simply put, individual stocks are shares of a company that you can buy. This makes you a partial owner, and as the company grows, so does the value of your stock.
  • These financial investments can offer you bigger returns when compared with others. However, your money will also be exposed to higher stock market risks. A financial advisor could recommend selling or liquidating your stock if it falls 10%.